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Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash within thirty (30) days
9% discount for Towers
7% discount on Land and Houses
Downpayment (DP) Requirements
10-20% Spot full Downpayment
5% Discount on Downpayment for Towers
20% Discount on Downpayment for Land and Houses
10% payable in six (6) months
20% payable in eight (8) months for Towers; twelve (12) months for Land and Houses
Deferred Cash Term
20% Spot Downpayment
Balance Payment payable in (18) months (No name check)
Balance Payable in twenty-three (23) months (With name check)
For Land and Houses: 100% Balance Payable net of Reservation Fee can be paid in twenty-four (24) months with name check.

Avida Settings Altaraza is going to be the next big residential development in Bulacan. It is the answer to the growing demand for a comfortable and affordable housing solution that would respond to the needs of a progressive Bulacan. It is located within Avida Town Center, which is positioned as the next major growth center in the province. It therefore enables you to experience the convenience and comfort of modern city living at a quieter environment surrounded with beautiful landscapes.

The value proposition for the properties in Avida Settings Altaraza is also high. As mentioned above, it offers the charm of a small community combined with the perks of a vibrant city life. It is the first master-planned community with a mixed-use purpose to ever be built in Bulacan. In fact, it feels more like an urban area of Metro Manila than being located in Bulacan. Despite the vast development structure and plan in place, all of these developments are pedestrian-oriented. Hence, you and your family can be at ease knowing that it was built with your needs in mind.

The most promising reason to invest in your own home at Avida Settings Altaraza is the expertise and reputation that Avida Land brings into this project. You can therefore expect topnotch construction quality and environmentally sensitive planning principles within this community. If all of these things matter to you, and you expect a good value for your investment, look no further than Avida Settings Altaraza when you are going to buy a home in Bulacan.

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